What you can do

as a business owner/SME owner


  • Contact your business federation/union/collective/confederation, express your concerns, and ask them to issue an official opinion against the ETD. This opinion should be sent to:
    • Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission);
    • Frans Timmermans (First Vice-President of the European Commission and in charge of Better Regulation and the Rule of Law);
    • Vera Jourova (Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality).
    • Please also send a copy to us – we won’t publish it unless we have your explicit permission.
  • Send a short personal statement to us, explaining the concerns you have with the ETD. Your opinion matters. The more statements we have, the stronger the case for dropping the ETD. Please send it to us.
  • Contact us directly if you have any other ideas about how we can successfully oppose the ETD. We’re happy to learn from you. Email us.

The ETD could be adopted at any moment, which means that it is just the right moment to voice our concerns. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

After analyzing the ETD in detail, we’re convinced that there is no way the draft could be amended and thereby converted into a meaningful piece of legislation. The aim of the ETD can only be achieved though massive restrictions on personal freedom, freedom of contract, freedom of expression and of religion.

These massive restrictions are disproportionate in all respects and would lead to more problems than they would solve.

The draft ETD must be withdrawn by the European Commission. For this to happen, other Member States must join Germany in its opposition to the ETD – currently the only Member State that is openly opposing the ETD.



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