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What Is The Equal Treatment Directive

  The Equal Treatment Directive (ETD) is a legislative proposal on its way to  become EU-wide binding law in all 28 Member States. Proposed in 2008 by the European Commission, it passed Parliament in 2010 and is since then being negotiated by the Council - the EU body composed of the Member State's governments. The required unanimity to make it EU law has not been reached until now - but it could be at any moment.
Intention Reality
The intention of the ETD is to stop discrimination in the provision of goods and services. The reality is that the ETD would turn freedom of contract from the rule to the exception; it would impose excessive bureaucratic burden and legal uncertainty; it would privilege few protected groups at the price of reducing freedom for all other citizens.


A great deal of analysis has been given to the ETD, down to the smallest detail. And under close inspection, these five areas of concern appear to be the most important ones that affect everyone in one way or another.


  • The ETD fails to meet the main standards for fair laws
  • The ETD creates a “presumption of guilt”
  • The ETD undermines basic freedoms
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  • Freedom of contract
  • Costs
  • Bureaucratic burdens
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  • The ETD is not necessary
  • The ETD goes too far in its provisions
  • The ETD’s aims are best achieved at the national level
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  • Balance and freedom
  • Climate of suspicion v social cohesion
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  • No accommodation for religion and belief
  • Religion in a democratic society
  • Uncertain and differential protection of religious freedom
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